Watch the webinar recording of SimSolid - Analysing welded structures and fabrications.

The aim of this session is to demonstrate the workflow in defining weld contacts and analysing fabricated structures.

What you will learn 

Usually when we are analysing welded structures, we don’t tend to model welds within our CAD geometry. This is mainly due to the fact it takes time and can be tedious especially for large models and assemblies. It is also best practice to treat such structures as thin as they typically have a thickness to length ratio greater than 100. Most CAD embedded solutions, like Inventor Nastran, can convert thin structures to surfaces (shell elements) automatically. These methods usually create gaps where the welds are positioned. Furthermore, a single contact is created between parts (at the gap area) whereas, in reality there will be a weld on either side of the plate to be connected to another. In these situations, it become imperative on how you interpret welded structure results

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The webinar lasts approximately 30 minutes