Convince your customers with realistic visualizations in Lumion 12

Friday, December 3rd our senior consultant, Eirik Yndesdal, will present Lumion and its new features in the latest release: Version 12. If you are not too familiar with the tool already, we can say with certainty that it is one of the most powerful visualization tools of CAD and 3D models for architects.

Among other things, Lumion allows you to capture still images of buildings with realistic representations, animate and make videos of your buildings, as well as add sound effects to give your customers the full experience of the buildings you have designed.

There is no doubt that it is easier to sell a building when your customer can see and experience it as close to reality as it gets before it is constructed. And not to mention convince the customer's customers.

In addition to an introduction to Lumion, Eirik will take you through some of the news in version 12:  

  • Volumetric spotlights effect: With this new feature, you can illuminate elements of your choice, and create the right atmosphere of your buildings or specific areas within them. It allows you to cast a light on interiors as well as exteriors.
  • Surface decals: Make your creations more life-like with 142 new surface decals. Enrich your visualizations with the new styles which include paint, road markings, wall art, moss, and chalk drawings.
  • New objects, characters, and materials: There are 570 new items in the library, such as new furniture, garden items, solar panels, electric car charger, stone and wood bricks, and much more. Eirik will introduce you to some of them.
  • New fine-detail nature items: The new version includes 41 new fine-detail nature items with a great range of flowers, weeds, trees, grass types, and small plants.
  • Satellite maps in OpenStreetMap (OSM): By downloading OSM's satellite map, you can include realistic surroundings, terrain, agricultural land, etc. in your visualization.
  • Object library: Lumion has a large library with many different objects, and Eirik will show you some of them. Among the objects you will find, there are different types of interior, people, and animals (some of which are even animated).