Varjo Testimonials

See why the best in the business trust Varjo

From the very beginning we’ve built Varjo devices for visionaries in some of the world’s most demanding industries. Here’s what they have to say:

Volvo Cars

Together, Volvo Cars and Varjo are literally driving the future by creating the world’s first mixed reality approach to evaluating prototypes, designs and active safety technologies. For the first time ever, Volvo Cars and Varjo have made it possible to drive a real car while wearing a mixed reality headset, seamlessly adding virtual elements that seem real.


Flight Safety International

At I/ITSEC 2019, Varjo and FlightSafety International collaborated to showcase a pioneering mixed reality flight trainer. Hear from FlightSafety’s Bob Vaughn and learn about the benefits of XR for flight simulations:




See how Varjo saves weeks from the design cycle at Audi - Watch the interview 




Siemens PLM

See how is Varjo is helping Siemens customers utilse

human-eye resolution VR for industrial application



Asymptote Architecture

See how Varjo HMD is helping Asymptote Architecture save time, energy and money when designing buildings