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As an architect or structural engineer, you know that your expertise in the tool you use, add value to your role as an expert.

Don't miss out on watching this on-demand webinar where Patric Bryntesson, Symetri, guide you through the news in Revit 2022 release. In addition, Patric will introduce you how to save valuable time using Naviate for Revit

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Patric Bryntesson - Bio

Patric Bryntesson is a senior consultant advising the AEC industry in Sweden. Patric has been with Symetri for 14 years and has 12+ years of extensive experience from working in different projects using Revit. With Patric’s background in using Revit in projects, educating as well as advising customers in BIM-software and strategies has made him understand customer needs at a detailed level. This also means that he quickly can identify what opportunities the new features will bring..