From our Naviate webinar series.

What is new in Naviate Simple BIM

Naviate SimpleBIM has been through a major overhaul both with layout and use. All icons have been re-designed, there is a new colour palette and the layout of different palettes has been synchronised.

In the webinar recording we go through:
  • How to create object groups with complex rules and expressions
  • 3D navigation and visualisation improvements
  • Improved work-space configuration
  • Improved quantity calculation 
  • Creating rule-based groups from the user interface
  • Improved rule creation from templates

And present the features:

  • Multi-colour objects
  • Import, export and display of grid lines
  • Import, export and display of 2D geometry of IFC objects
  • 2D annotations
  • Edge visualisation
  • Measurement tool for the distance between two arbitrary points, lines or planes
  • Quantity calculation
  • Export back to IFC
  • Create separate groups for each unique value of a property in the model

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