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Sep 27 - Sep 29, 2022 / New Orleans, USA

Welcome to visit us at booths 114 & 120

Smarter workflows and more efficient project management

We at Microdesk and Symetri are proud and excited to take part in this year's Autodesk University event as Gold Partners. We’re so pleased to be able to finally meet with you all in person again and listen to your challenges, success stories and concerns.

We’ll be in booths 114 and 120 showcasing our own technology specifically designed to bring your Autodesk investments to the next level. You’ll have the opportunity to meet our product managers, owners and technical experts for in-depth discussions and demos. There'll also be some activities happening, so make sure you don't miss out on them!

We’ll also be hosting a number of sessions, varying from product demos to panels and industry discussions, which you can find out more about and register for below.

For those of you that won’t be able to meet us live at the event in New Orleans, you’ll instead be able to watch the sessions & meet us virtually in the Metaverse.

Let AU 2022 begin!

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The solutions we'll present at AU

Own technology

Digital solutions for Engineering and PLM

People and processes connect better when product data lives, thrives and grows; adding value at every stage. From product concept, through to design, engineering and into the evolving product lifecycle, Sovelia brings all the essential modules together.

Accelerate your BIM projects

Naviate is built on industry needs to improve and simplify workflows and tasks in project management. Working with Naviate will save you valuable time, enabling more time to create elegant and purposeful buildings and infrastructure.

Licence management made easy

CQ products support companies licence management and licence deployment processes. CQi takes care of the installation, configuration and maintenance of a company’s CAD applications. CQFlexMon help monitor, manage and analyse the usage and needs of their software licences.


Cut modeling time by up to 50% in Revit

BIMrx gets projects out the door faster with modeling, project management and documentation features for leading Autodesk software, making you more competitive globally while meeting the demands of urbanization. BIMrx is now part of the Naviate family and will be renamed in near future.

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Meet today's demands with Naviate for Revit
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  • Work smarter with workflows and remove repetitive tasks
Enhance Vault workflows and automation with Sovelia Vault
  • Increase compliance and productivity
  • Automate tasks in your design process
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The sessions we're taking part in at AU




Tuesday 9:30 AM / Case Study

BamCore Showcases its Carbon Impacts Via Autodesk Ecosystem

  • Luc Wing, Performance & Innovation Specialist Microdesk
  • Shivani Soni, Strategy & Innovation Lead Symetri 
  • Hazem Kahla, VDC Manager, BamCore
  • Register here

Microdesk Co-Innovation Lab collaborated with BamCore through the Autodesk Foundation to show the value and benefits of their products to industry clients. Using the Autodesk-provided design analysis ecosystem, we showcase the energy and carbon advantages that BamCore’s products can bring to the design. The developed custom workflow allows BamCore to rapidly obtain comparative energy and carbon impacts and present them to their clients without future support. We’ve also set up the groundwork and created a phased journey to navigate the Future of Work, aiming to include an interactive user interface dashboard for rapid ROI analysis. We compare BamCore technology versus typical constructions to ensure Microdesk and BamCore co-create meaningful and inspirational future impacts toward resilient and low-carbon buildings.


Tuesday 1:30 PM / Industry Talk

Vault Within a Regulated Industry: Regulate Your Vault!

Vault product data management (PDM) software enables users to control and manage their design data from concept right through to design and manufacture. Within a regulated industry there are several key steps and systems, along with collaboration with other departments, to adhere to before the final phase, implementation of a project, or product delivery. This class will delve into best approaches and practices of Vault implementation and configuration, as well as industry standards and integration with other systems and departments.

Tuesday 1:30 PM / Industry Talk

The Power of Autodesk Construction Cloud Assets

If assets are managed, they can become really important in any building project. You can use the information for progress tracking, evidence capture, asset data capture, linked data, and much more. In this session, you'll see how you can use the Assets module in Autodesk Construction Cloud to benefit contractors and owner operators. In the United Kingdom, a new fire safety bill is being introduced. See how you can capture, store, and manage all fire-stopping evidence to meet the new building regulations. But, assets do not have to be part of the building. See how site personnel, temporary equipment, and site management can all use assets to bring benefits to the jobsite. See how we can reuse the data in the new digital twin platform Autodesk Tandem.

Tuesday 3:00 PM / Panel

Beyond One Gender-The Power of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Shir Erlich, Product Owner Microdesk
  • Shivani Soni, Strategy & Innovation Lead Symetri
  • Tenille Bettenhausen, Client Sucess Manager Microdesk
  • Mackenzie McCulloch, Associate Principal, Lamar Johnson Collaborative
  • Luc Wing, Performance & Innovation Specialist Microdesk
  • Mallary White, Vice President of Consulting Services Microdesk
  • Register here

Follow the journey of five different architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals as they navigated their careers in building information modeling (BIM). See the challenges they faced, and the impacts they've made. Learn how they developed their skills to transition from typical AEC professionals into the tech side of BIM. This discussion will show how a diverse strategy can improve corporate culture, business success, and, ultimately, the bottom line. Topics of discussion will include mentorship, burnout, diversity, equality, parenthood, work-life balance, and inclusion.




Wednesday 1:30 PM / Technical Instruction

Up and Running with Inventor Nastran Nonlinear Analysis-Real-World Examples

This session will start with real-life examples demonstrating how engineers and designers like you have greatly benefited from the advanced use of Inventor Nastran simulation technology within their companies. The software has helped them to make informed design decisions early on and enabled them to make cost-effective optimized designs with less impact on the environment, ultimately providing more time to explore “what if” scenarios. Real-life examples will include blast loads, drop tests, elastic/plastic analysis, and permanent deformation. We will then continue by explaining the process of applying nonlinear analysis using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, supported by industry best practices with explanations and tips. Our hope is to help make your Inventor Nastran adoption journey within your workplace successful. We want ultimately to help you simulate complex real-world scenarios early on, enabling the creation of sustainable designs faster and more cost-effectively.

Wednesday 1:30 PM / Product Demo

Work smarter: See how BIMrx & Naviate streamline AEC firms' Revit workflows

  • Edward LaRiviere, Strategic Implementation Manager Microdesk
  • Shir Erlich, Product Owner Microdesk
  • Hans Zandhoff, Technical Manager Naviate
  • Register here

Developed by AEC professionals for AEC professionals, BIMrx and Naviate are exactly what your team needs to add to the functionality of Revit to accelerate project setup, data management, and documentation. These solutions are built to streamline and enhance the entire BIM project lifecycle. Join us as our technical experts show you workflows to set up projects with ease, manage data more efficiently, model faster, and accelerate documenting views. These products are available for multiple design disciplines to automate those tedious tasks that users spend countless hours on. See how to set up projects faster, improve and simplify workflows, and increase ROI by spending less time on low level tasks and more time focused on solving the challenges of urbanization, globalization, and sustainability.


Wednesday 3:00 PM / Product Demo

Simplify CAD/BIM Management: Monitor, Deploy & Automate your Software

  • Brendan Gregory, Product Manager and Product Owner
  • Chris Atherton, Consulting Service Manager Product Design & Lifecycle
  • Register here
Challenges for CAD/BIM administrators are universal, whether license monitoring, software deployment or backing up cloud solutions. Symetri works with clients to develop workflows via a portfolio of solutions to solve these challenges. Join us as our technical experts explain these challenges and how Symetri customers in leading companies around the world have utilized CQFlexMon, CQi, & BIMrx Cloud Manager to work smarter. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, compliance risks and time spent maintaining business-critical on-premise engineering tools with license monitoring & software deployment solutions. Explore how BIM administrators at leading companies have accelerated bulk project setup, simplified member management and automated typical data management tasks. Whether syncing data between network locations and BIM 360/ACC, managing folder permissions, managing users, or automating exporting from Revit Models, Cloud Manager has streamlined these challenges for multiple projects.

Wednesday 4:30 PM / Roundtable Discussion

What Does Sustainability Mean for Manufacturers?

  • Shivani Soni, Strategy & Innovation Lead Symetri
  • Tristian Gunderson, Application Engineer M2 Technologies
  • Luc Wing, Performance & Innovation Specialist Microdesk
  • Wasim Younis, Simulation Manager Symetri 
  • Register here

Achieving long-term economic viability requires sustainable manufacturing. Globally, rising costs of materials, energy, and compliance—as well as consumer, investor, and community demands—are exerting pressure on firms. Our experiences suggest that environmental improvements are linked to increased profitability and competitiveness. Nevertheless, many small and medium-sized businesses (which account for nearly all businesses) have yet to take advantage of these opportunities. Let's pinpoint the issue. Client pressure, a lack of knowledge and resources, or simply not knowing where to start are all issues. This workshop will bring together manufacturing industry thought leaders to help them discover more-sustainable processes and apply early, predictive, and real-time analysis. We'll also discuss roadblocks to effective stakeholder collaboration and communication. When you return to work, you’ll be armed with the raw data collected during this session.




Thursday 9:30 AM / Industry Talk

You have to believe it before you see it: Growing a startup digitally

  • Shivani Soni, Strategy & Innovation Lead Symetri
  • Tristian Gunderson, Application Engineer M2 Technologies
  • Dave Bergeron, Director of Engineering Pallet
  • Register here

he buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and digital twins in manufacturing can be overwhelming. In reality, these technologies can add real value to your firm. Even though 73% of manufacturers believe digital technologies will increase ROI, more than half have yet to implement them. The Autodesk Foundation and Microdesk Co-Innovation Lab partnered with Pallet Shelter, a rapidly growing startup with a mission to combat homelessness, expand workforce development, and promote sustainable communities. Through this collaboration, Pallet Shelter is strengthening channels of communication and means of storing and sharing data by implementing solutions from the Autodesk ecosystem. With centrally accessible documentation and built-in business procedures, unifying the firm on a common data environment (CDE) gives key stakeholders insight into the design process. This infrastructure supports the company's rapid and long-term expansion.

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Not going to New Orleans? Join us at the Metaverse! When the event goes live we'll pop a QR code up here so you can access our virtual presence at AU. Hope to see you there!

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  • Jan Tore Bugge, Global Product Manager Naviate Jan Tore Bugge
  • Hans Zandhoff, Naviate Technology Manager Hans Zandhoff
  • Luc Wing, Performance & Innovation Specialist Microdesk Luc Wing
  • Shivani Soni, Strategy & Innovation Lead Symetri Shivani Soni
  • Shir Erlich, Product Owner Microdesk Shir Erlich
  • Thorbjörn Hoverberg, Application Engineer Revit Architecture Symetri Thorbjörn Hoverberg
  • Mallary White, Vice President of Consulting Services Microdesk Mallary White
  • Tenille Bettenhausen, Client Sucess Manager Microdesk Tenille Bettenhausen
  • Brendan Gregory, Product Manager and Product Owner MicrodeskBrendan Gregory
  • Edward LaRiviere, Strategic Implementation Manager Microdesk Edward LaRiviere
  • Kevin Philips, Director Software Solutions Microdesk Kevin Philips
  • Felix Cambou, Solution Specialist Microdesk Felix Cambou
  • Nick Scalone, Director of Program Management Microdesk Nick Scalone
  • Bo Norén, Product owner Naviate Bo Noren


  • Tristian Gunderson, Application Engineer M2 Technologies Tristian Gunderson
  • Matt Burke, Principal M2 Technologies Matt Burke
  • Børre Hartviksen, Service Manager Product Design & Lifecycle Symetri Børre Hartviksen
  • Tim Ray, Product Manager Sovelia Tim Ray
  • Chris Atherton, Consulting Service Manager Product Design & Lifecycle Symetri Chris Atherton



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