Autodesk Customer Flow Program

Do you have employees with reduced hours, reduced pay or who are furloughed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

During this challenging time, Autodesk has launched the Autodesk Customer FLOW Programme, which offers £250 of virtual training vouchers to impacted customer employees. These vouchers can be used to help impacted employees sharpen their skills and develop new skills using Autodesk software.

Please complete the form and your account manager will contact you.
The information you provide to them will be sent to and reviewed by Autodesk.
A number of accounts will be selected, and those accounts approved will be notified in the coming weeks that they have received vouchers. As a reminder, a submission does not guarantee that the customer will be selected to receive vouchers or that the individual at the customer will elect to take training through the nominating partner.

These vouchers are redeemable at Autodesk partners who are authorised training centres (ATCs). They will be distributed to the main contact of the customer and in turn the contact will send the voucher code to up-to five (5) impacted employees.  These vouchers will be redeemable through the Autodesk Services Marketplace.

Symetri customers who are selected to take advantage of this scheme will be able to take 1 day of virtual training, or 2 half days where available,
Vouchers can also be redeemed as part payment towards any applicable Symetri course of more than 1 day, visit our  Virtual training page for all available courses.

Our 1 day virtual courses are as follows:


  1. Introduction into Inventor
  2. Inventor Sheet Metal
  3. A deep dive into the Inventor Frame generator
  4. Inventor Styles & Standards and creating Inventor Templates
  5. A deep dive into the Inventor Content Centre
  6. Inventor drawing automation using Ilogic
  7. Inventor Nastran – Non Linear Analysis
  8. Inventor Nastran Vibration analysis
  9. Inventor Nastran Thermal Analysis
  10. Inventor FEA
  11. Inventor Structural Analysis
  12. Inventor Dynamic Simulation
  13. Autodesk Fusion 360 Introduction
  14. Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM
  15. Autodesk Vault Basic Introduction


  1. Revit Standard and Management
  2. Revit Collaboration
  3. Revit Detailing
  4. Revit Visualisation
  5. Revit for IT Managers
  6. Revit For project managers
  7. Revit Structure beyond the basics
  8. Revit Structure reinforcement and Scheduling
  9. Autodesk Civil 3d – A quick start
  10. BIM 360 Docs & Design
  11. BIM 360 Coordinate
  12. BIM 360 Build

* Please note: By requesting that Symetri nominate you, you’re giving us permission to provide your details to Autodesk to assist with the selection process. If you’re unhappy for us to do this, please do not complete the form

Program registration ends 29th June and training must be taken before 31st July 2020

Submit your details and we will register you!!

Neil Adcock
Neil Adcock
Sales, Product Design & Lifecycle
Jon Hind
Jon Hind
Sales, Architectural Construction & Engineering