Get Ready for BIM Level 3 with Accruent Meridian

Webinar Thursday December 5, 14 CET

Welcome to our webinar about BIM Level 3 with Accruent Meridian.

The value of BIM extends beyond design and construction and into the asset’s operational lifecycle.
It can deliver information that you can use for facilities management, operations, maintenance, refurbishment and extension - right through to eventual demolition.
Rudi Pieters from Accruent will show, how Meridian manages the handover from the BIM process to a structural breakdown structure in the system including:

  • Streamline capex projects and handover to operational assets
  • Connect models, data and documents
  • Achieve BIM compliance

With the application of BIM Level 3, you will no longer just be buying a physical asset - you will effectively be buying valuable data as well. As an intrinsic part of the built asset, data will be something that is also liable for modification and expansion as physical assets are updated, repaired or redeveloped, and will add value to the asset. 

Attend the webinar and learn how Meridian manages:
  • Capital projects and prepare for handover to operational assets
  • Documents and drawings
  • Authoring tools integrations
  • Asset management integrations
  • Engineering workflows
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Certified secure cloud services

The webinar is held Thursday December 5, 14:00 CET.

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